In January of 2010, PTI launched its pilot program at Stow-Glen Retirement Village, located in Stow Ohio,  where young adults and seniors co-exist within the independent living complex at Stow-Glen. Stow Glen has three buildings on it's campus: Nursing/Assisted Living, and 2 Independent living buildings. Though Stow Glen and PTI are managed separately, sharing a space enables relationships to form between PTI's and Stow Glen's residents and staff. In the warm months, you'll see PTI residents walking the campus, playing basketball, greeting seniors out on their patios and hanging out in the gazebos and community garden.


Birch Hall

Birch Hall is the independent living building where PTI houses it's program.

The PTI residents' apartments, PTI Office, and RAs' apartments are all housed here.

The common areas include a lobby, mail room, Stow Glen offices, a dining hall, a breakfast room, and a community room.

Dining Hall

Lunch and dinner are served in the dining hall, where the seniors and PTI residents converge to enjoy their meals. Meals are served restaurant style by Stow Glen's servers. There is a set weekly menu and an al la carte menu to order from. Meal times are opportunities each day when residents can see everyone in one place and socialize. The dining hall also has a TV and sitting area where residents can watch movies and hang out.

The PTI Community Garden


Growing, Gathering, and Giving

The PTI Community Garden is a repurposed shuffleboard court with 3 long rows used for planting. Each year, PTI staff guide residents through garden prep, planting, maintenance, and harvesting. This spot between Stow Glen's two independent living buildings has become a pleasant place to visit with family and enjoy the warm summer weather for our residents and senior residents alike who can come pick whatever they'd like. 


PTI and Senior Residents 

We always jump on opportunities to bring the young adults and seniors together. Our young adults can benefit from the wisdom of the seniors, while the seniors can benefit from the energy of the young adults. Here are some snapshots of various PTI activities around Stow Glen.