Features of the PTI Program for Residents

One bedroom apartment, two meals a day, electricity, water, heating, trash, wifi internet, cable, landline, and access to on-site laundry rooms 

PLUS access to on-site staff 24/7 when needed.

All residents are invited to planned activities several times a month including on-site and off-site activities. 

One Bedroom Apartment

Each resident receives on-site apartment style room and board. Each apartment has a combined kitchenette and living room area, one bedroom, a bathroom with standing shower, and a large walk-in closet. Each apartment has 2 entrances; one in the interior hallway and a private entrance that leads to the outside with a patio. Apartment walls can be painted (but must be returned to original color upon moving out). The apartment comes with a small refrigerator and can be furnished however the resident wishes (see photo below for some examples).


Each day, PTI residents can choose 2 meals from Stow Glen. Breakfast is self-serve from 7:00am - 9:00am. Lunch is served at 11:30pm. Dinner is served 4:50pm. If a resident is not home for a lunch or dinner, it can be held by a staff member and picked up in the PTI refrigerator. Stow Glen has a set menu that changes every week. If a resident would like something different than what is being served, they may order from the anytime menu. See examples below. On weekday evenings, all residents and the RA on duty meet in the Stow Glen dining hall and enjoy their dinner together. On weekends, all residents meet for lunch and dinner with the RA on duty.

stow glen anytime menu.jpg

On-site Activities

Every month, PTI plans several activities right here at Stow Glen that provide opportunities for socialization and learning. Resident Advisors are always thinking of engaging, fun and creative ideas for activities. Just to name a few, over the years we have done campfires, basketball games, gardening, movie nights, cooking activities, holiday door decoration, sports watch parties, game nights, car washes for Relay for Life, ice cream socials with the seniors at Stow Glen, scavenger hunts, yard games, karaoke nights, dance parties, team building exercises, Zumba Fitness, yoga, an annual live nativity scene, walking groups, seasonal crafts such as mother's/father's day gifts and scarecrows, and so much more! 

Off-site Activities

Every once in a while, the group has the opportunity to go off-site for activities. PTI provides the planning, staffing, and transportation to and from. Some of the many off-site activities the group has done include, a Cleveland Cavaliers game, Waterworks Park, Halloween in Downtown Kent, The Chapel in Green's Prom, Kent State University, Beckwith Orchard, Hartville Flea Market, Aurora Community Theater, hiking and swimming at West Branch State Park, Castle Noel, playing basketball and swimming at Kent State Wellness Center and Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium, Wagon Trails, back yard camping, going to movies and restaurants, bowling on New Year's Eve, high school football and hockey games, Akron Rubber Ducks games, and so much more!

We are constantly encouraging the residents to engage in off-site opportunities on their own. Part of becoming an adult planning your own recreation and leisure time. Staff will let residents know of opportunities in the community that they can part in. We are fortunate to have the availability of PARTA's Dial-A-Ride service. Eligible residents can arrange a ride from Stow Glen to several locations in the Stow/Kent/Ravenna areas during certain hours. Staff is available to assist residents in making these calls, helping with time management, and planning logistics. Residents can take advantage of "Plan Your Weekend"s which are weekends intentionally left open so that residents are encouraged to come up with ideas based on their interests. 

Hear what our residents have to say...

We asked our residents a variety of questions about living independently, their apartments, living at Stow Glen, activities at PTI, and the PTI program as a whole. 


"I like living here. I have a lot of great friends. It helps me be healthy"

-Ashley Bach


“The reason why I like living here is I can be more myself than I could be when I was living with my parents. I can be more social.”

-Dave Eisen


"It's fun. I learned a lot about being independent and met a lot of friends."

-Catherine Lavelle

Christopher Kaufmann- quote Pending

Christopher Kaufmann- quote Pending


"I met my wife at PTI and love living at Stow Glen. I can be with friends and do the PTI activities."

-Brian Booth


“I like living here because I met a lot of nice people to talk to and it’s a good place to live. I can be independent and have family and friends come over to see where I live.”

-Nate Gruver


"I like living here and the friends here. I like living on my own."

-Brian Shaffer


"It’s fun and I like living here and doing fun things with my friends."

- Lindsey Booth


"I have a lot of great friends here. The staff are great and I have a lot of people to talk to. I like living independently so I don't have to rely on my parents 24/7."

- Grace Hanson

Henry Woodside- Quote Pending

Henry Woodside- Quote Pending

Connor Dripps- Quote Pending

Connor Dripps- Quote Pending


"We do a lot of activities. I got to learn to live on my own. It gives you experience to be with people. Sometimes it's harder living somewhere else because you don't see the neighbors. "

-David Schoonover


"It's a place that teaches you how to be independent  and live on your own. It's a place where you have to do your own laundry, grocery shopping, and keeping up your apartment. Things you don't have to do living at home. It's a good place to live. Everyone is very friendly here."

- Michael Nicholson


"It's given me the opportunity to achieve goals I probably wouldn't have been able to otherwise, like living on my own. It encourages me to get out more and talk to more people."

-Jeff Martin