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Pathway to Independence, Inc. (PTI) is a non-profit, created for young adults with developmental disabilities, that provides quality apartment style living and support services in a community setting that is safe, affordable, promotes socialization, and encourages independence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality apartment style living and support services for high functioning (young) adults with developmental disabilities who are capable of independent living, in a community setting that is safe, affordable, promotes socialization, and encourages independence.

Chris & Janeen Webb  Founders & Directors of PTI

Chris & Janeen Webb Founders & Directors

Our Motivation

PTI was founded by parents of a high-functioning young adults with special needs.  Parents worry about what will happen to their son or daughter when they are gone or no longer able to provide support.  "Who will look after them?  Will they have the necessary skills to live independently? How traumatic will this be for our son/daughter as well as family members who may have to step in?"  As parents, we all know it is better to start this transition now while they are young and while we are still in good health, however, we don’t feel comfortable with the current residential living alternatives, which is why most high-functioning young adults still live at home.

In January of 2010, PTI launched its pilot program at Stow-Glen Retirement Village, located in Stow Ohio,  where young adults and seniors co-exist within the independent living complex at Stow-Glen.  Under this program each young adult has their own one-bedroom apartment and two meals per day in the Stow-Glen dining hall.  Young adults wishing to gain entrance into the program must have good social skills, be able to maintain a job, be able to maintain a healthy diet, be able to maintain their own apartment and willing to participate in volunteer activities at Stow-Glen.  PTI staff are on-site 24/7 and provide training and light support to all incoming young adults for such things as housekeeping, laundry, time management, budgeting, meal planning, and grocery shopping.  PTI staff also organize social activities, on and off-site, for the young adults as well as co-activities with the seniors residing at Stow-Glen.

What does it mean to be a "non-profit" organization?

Pathway to Independence is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A non-profit organization is created to serve the public in some way. There are many different classifications of non-profits. We are classified under "Human Service Organizations". Section 501(c)(3) is part of the US Internal Revenue Code that allows organizations to be tax-exempt and is regulated by the IRS. PTI must file Form 990 or 990-EZ each year which are available to the public.

Who owns Pathway to Independence?

No one. A non-profit organization can never be “owned”. It is directed and managed by a Board of Directors. Pathway to Independence's Board members include Chris Webb, Janeen Webb, Anna Barrett, and Janice Price.

Parent Testimonials

Hear what some of the parents of our residents have to say.

“We never imagined our daughter living among FRIENDS in a setting like P.T.I. It’s one big happy family. Supportive, safe, empowering, kind, unconditionally loving, it’s a simply inspirational environment. Four years later we are ALL grateful and blessed beyond.”

- Karen & Greg Louis

Catherine and her mom, Karen

Catherine and her mom, Karen

Grace and her mom, Carolyn

Grace and her mom, Carolyn

"Living at PTI gives Grace a rich, meaningful life of HER OWN. If she were still at home, her life outside of work would very likely be one of solitude - or hanging out with her 60 year old parents & their friends. 
The combination of personal space in her studio apartment and the family/community atmosphere is a unique and perfect balance. Being able to decorate and enjoy her apartment and patio has given her a feeling of ownership and pride. Large and small group activities have been of a very wide variety, including things Grace already loved to do (dances, plays, crafts) and new experiences she was encouraged to try (Cav’s game, tent camping, gardening). There is lots of casual ‘hanging out’ time; small groups walking around the grounds, sitting together in the gazebo, watching movies or sports together. PTI residents are friendly and most are happy to interact with visiting parents. It’s easy to get to know the PTI gang. We never have any concerns about Grace’s safety at PTI, whether she’s on site or an outing. The RAs provide super support on evenings and weekends (and regularly lead group cooking activities, too.)
Chris, Janeen and Kayla are the spirit and heart of the program. They are fully committed, very experienced, and always take time to listen to any concerns and help resolve issues. They have the wisdom that comes from years of ‘being there’.  Their good humor and energy is remarkable."

- Carolyn Hanson

"We are so grateful for the PTI program. Our son, Nate, was lucky enough to be the 5th young adult in the program. He loves living  in his own apartment and has made many good friends. He has grown so much and learned a lot since he moved in. The program has helped him not only in becoming independent, but also in his growth as a person. He has learned a lot about getting along with people.

Chris and Janeen have brought a wonderful group of young adults together, who have become a family. It is heartwarming to see them together and how they look out for one another, the same as brothers and sisters would do. The way that the young adults interact with the seniors living at Stow Glen is another benefit to all of them. We are thankful every day that Nate is safe and enjoying his life here. In addition to the guidance  that they receive from Chris, Janeen and Kayla, there have been lots of fun activities Nate has enjoyed through the years. There have been several great RA's who have come through as well, who have shared their different ideas and interests. I believe the entire PTI group is a beautiful blend of personalities and abilities - a beautiful result of this wonderful program started by Chris and Janeen."

-Karen Gruver

Nate and his mom, Karen

Nate and his mom, Karen

Our Residents

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